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The Bioelectric department of school of ATiM has started the admission of MSc students since 2001 and has established PhD course in 2009.

The Bioelectric department is focused on training qualified biomedical engineers via practical and theoretical teaching methods. The department main policy is to have close cooperation with research and therapeutic centers to improve public health and achieve sustainable development and confronting complex research topics via categorizing into several research cores can be summarized as follows:

  1. Medical images processing;
  2. Biomedical signals processing;
  3. Voice and speech processing and the design of speech therapy;
  4. Biological systems modeling;
  5. Designing and manufacturing of electronic parts, controlling organs, prostheses, and rehabilitation equipment;
  6. Applications of virtual and augmented reality in medicine;
  7. Recording Biomedical signals and designing hospital monitoring systems;
  8. Advance research in physiotherapy, chiropractic, radiotherapy equipment and lasers;
  9. Designing and manufacturing therapeutic and laboratory medical systems;
  10. Design and optimizing of imaging systems.