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Isfahan Universities Network for International Cooperation (IUN)


The Consortium of International Activities of Isfahan's Leading Scientific and Technological Centers was established in March 2019 between Isfahan University of Technology, the University of Isfahan, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan University of Arts, and Isfahan Science and Technology Town. The purpose of this consortium is to synergize the capacities and merits of Isfahan's leading universities and scientific centers in order to promote scientific and international cooperation and to guide universities to higher international levels by carrying out joint activities and projects.

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The Project of Diplomat Citizen

One of the most important current projects of the IUN consortium is cooperation with the Municipality of Isfahan to implement the "Diplomat Citizen" project. The "Diplomat Citizen" was initiated in the General Department of Communications and International Affairs at Isfahan Municipality in 2020 and has five goals including:

  1. Effective communication with foreign partners (sisters),
  2. Identification of citizenship facilitators,
  3. Development of economic and scientific cooperation with the focus on private sectors and universities in Isfahan,
  4. Increasing interactions with the country's diplomatic system, and
  5. Formation of international knowledge, skills and attitudes in all parts of the province.

This initiative seeks to put the key to sisterhood relationships on the table so that civic facilitators, including businessmen, professors, students, cultural and media activists, Iranians abroad, etc., can take part. These people need to have appropriate and authorized platforms and channels to introduce and strengthen the position, brand and capacities of Isfahan in the sister cities and their countries. They should be able to take action in strengthening the cultural, artistic, economic and scientific relations of the two sides. In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IUN, and Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, this project of the General Department of Communications and International Affairs at Isfahan Municipality is the main intellectual and executive power which has had 13 series of meetings on "Sister Cities", discussing one of the 13 sister cities of Isfahan in each meeting.






Xian China May 7,1989 s
Kuala lampur Malaysia June 23, 1997 s
Freiburg Germany October 27, 2000 s
Florence Italy September 18, 1998 s
Iasi Romania May 10,1999 s
Barcelona Spain January 14, 2000 s
Yerevan Armenia April 27, 2000 s
Kuwait Kuwait June 19, 2000 s
Havana Cuba March 8, 2001 s
Lahore Pakistan July 22, 2004 s
S. Petersburg Russia November 10,2004 s
Dakar Senegal November 25, 2009 s
Baalbek Lebanon October 5, 2010 s