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Staff Equity

                    -Salary equalization of contract workers with permanent employees with the aim of fair distribution of resources

                   among individuals (Subject of Circular No. 4370 dated 20/3/1400).

                   -Considering justice in distribution and allocation of resources and rewards among employees including salary

                     payments, financial rewards or overtime payment

                   -Granting the same benefits and welfare facilities regardless of position or employment status

                   -Providing every employee with appropriate equipment and technological tools

                   -Establishment of employee performance appraisal system with the aim of developing a fair promotion system

                   -Implementation of knowledge management system in order to produce and expand job knowledge and create

                   a fair mechanism among employees in that regard

                   -Establishment of a fair recruitment system

                   -Establishment of an electrical platform for professional job training, and all the employees have the same 

                   access to this platform.

Student Equity

                 Providing dormitory and dormitory facilities for both genders in an equal manner

                 Providing welfare facilities such as loans for education, housing, etc. to both genders on an equal basis

                 Providing equal jobs and job salaries to both genders

                 Providing student accident insurance coverage for all students on an equal basis

Student Disability Services

                 Wheelchair ramps are installed at dormitories for students with disabilities

                 Non-flat toilets are installed on each floor of the dormitory for students with special needs

                 Students with mobility disabilities are accommodated on the dormitory's ground floors

                 Providing wheelchairs at the Kermani-Milad dormitory for emergency needs