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Khorshid: Teaching Hospital (Founded in 1931)

This hospital, with about 262 active beds, is located in Isfahan City. It has the following wards:

  • ICU - CCU
  • Psychiatry
  • The following subspecialized departments: urology, nephrology and kidney transplantation - lung - rheumatology - endocrinology - gastrointestinal
  • Poisoning ward

This hospital also has the following diagnostic and treatment facilities and equipment:

Ultrasonography - Angiography - Endoscopy - CT scan - Radiology - Echocardiography - Dialysis - Electroconvulsive the_AliAsrapy (ECT) for patients with mental disorders

This hospital offers the following subspecialized services:

Angiography - Specialized bronchoscopy - Kidney transplantation - All specialized urologic and gastrointestinal surgeries