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Imam Musa Kazem: Injuries & Burn  Subspecialized Teaching Hospital (Founded in 1990)

This hospital, with 96 active beds, is the only Burn  Injuries subspecialized center in the province of Isfahan.

It has the following wards:

Burns -Reconstructive surgery-Burn ICU-IPD (International Patient Department)

The center offers the following subspecialized services:

  • Different types of Cosmetic & plastic surgery
  • Burn reconstructive surgery (transplantation and graft)
  • Treatment of burns using new methods for example screen substitute -  modern wound dressings - vacuum therapy, and flap

It also has the following diagnostic and treatment facilities and equipment:

Ultrasonography - Radiology – Echocardiography- Rehabilitation Unit- laboratory Unit - CT scan

Specialties and subspecialties clinics :

  • Burn Injuries & Wound care
  • Cosmetic & plastic surgery
  • Nutrition