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Imam Hosein: Pediatric Subspecialized Teaching Hospital (Founded in 2011)

This hospital, with 190 active beds, is the only pediatric subspecialized center in the province of Isfahan.

 It has the following wards:

  • Surgery: Pediatric & neonatal surgery -E.N.T surgery-Pediatric neurosurgery-Plastic surgery-Urologic surgery-Minimal invasive surgery(laparascopic)
  • Pediatric: General-Nephrology-Cardiology-Neurology-Endocrinology-Immunology-Infectous disease-Neonatology- Gastrointestinology- Rheumatology-Toxicology & poisoning-Dentistry
  • Intensive care unit: 16 pediatric (PICU)-14 surgical neonate(NICU)-10 neonatal care(NICU)
  • 7 Operating room

This hospital also has the following diagnostic and treatment facilities and equipment:

Pediatric dialysis-Ultra Sonography-Radiology-Fluoroscopy-CT scan-MRI-Clinical and Anatomical lab-Molocular Lab (PCR)-Endoscopy-Electroneuro Diagnostic-Echocardiography

The following subspecialized services are offered here:

Referral center for lip and palate cleft surgery- Craniosynostosis surgery in infant-Tumor surgery in neonal and pediatric

The hospital has the following Follow up clinics:

Cleft lip and palate clinic- Anorectal and GI-CF clinic-Endocrine fallow up clinic